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Spider control can be challenging, particularly in the warmer months when spiders are most active. In the wake of aberrant weather, we may expect to see a livelier year in terms of pests. A greater availability of insects will result in a greater presence of insect predators such as spiders.

Here are five tips to keep in mind this summer as you work to get rid of spiders in and around your home.

#1: Reduce the number of prey

Spider management is not just for spiders; you must also manage their food sources. With habitat modification, less prey will result in fewer spiders. A dry perimeter and excellent sealing work around windows and doors, can reduce the prey source.

#2: Reduce moisture

Moisture and decay provide food sources for detritivores (pill bugs, millipedes, springtails, etc.), which in turn provide food for spiders. Less moisture will result in fewer insects, from the bottom of the food chain up to the top. Tip: Change the frequency of your sprinkler system to a few times a week or even turn off for a while, if need be.

#3: Trim vegetation

Trees and shrubs near the home can provide shade, hold moisture and create more hospitable microclimates for spiders. They can also provide structural “bridges” into the home. Trim vegetation away from the exterior of the home to reduce insects and spiders.

#4: Determine the type of spider

Knowing how different spider species hunt can help reduce spider infestations. For visual hunters such as wolf or jumping spiders, remove accumulated leaf litter and let mulch dry out. For burrowing spiders, such as trapdoor spiders, check the surrounding ground for holes and fill them. For web weavers, reduce areas hospitable to web formation. Areas hospitable to web formation will provide air flow, moisture and structural support.

#5: Determine a realistic threshold

Unless your property is made up entirely of concrete, maintaining a 100 percent spider-free home and yard can be unrealistic — nature will occasionally intrude on any property surrounded by vegetation.

Spiders are among the most prevalent household pests, crawling their way into two out of three American homes. If your Clifton Park home requires pest control or spider control, it’s best to let an professional exterminator handle the infestation. Thomas Pest Services is your Clifton Park and surrounding area pest control experts offering multiple types of services to effectively control rodent, ant, spider, wildlife and pest infestations. Protect your home, family and heath by contacting us for a no charge consultation today!


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