Signs of Rodents

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This past weekend I went downstairs to get Promise, our bed bug sniffing canine and found more than I was looking for. As I went over to the shelve to get her pill I noticed the wrapper from the package was gnawed and there was a mouse dropping. Although I have grown up in the pest management field, away I went up the stairs to get my husband. If you have ever heard the old saying "The son of the shoemaker has no shoes." Well in my house, the exterminators’ family has a mouse in the house! I began thinking the most common evidence of rodents are their droppings, but there are so many more clues to indicate signs of rodents.

  • These are most commonly found in areas where rodents are located. Be careful, rodent droppings are associated with Hantavirus and should be properly cleaned by a rodent removal specialist.
  • Urine: Rodents leave trails of urine as they travel throughout our home as pheromones trails along with their weak bladders. Imagine leaving a rodent problem alone and all the unknown urine in the places you eat?
  • Gnaw Marks: As I saw gnaw marks this weekend, on packaging, food, electrical wires among other items along with crumbs left behind.
  • Small Debris Piles: Piles of insects or food could indicate signs of rodents feeding the food they have collected. It is common to find indigestible items like plastic or paper along with rodent feces and urine.
  • Nesting Material: Rodents will use fabric, stuffed animals, insulation, cardboard and other materials to stay safe, warm, nest and have young.
  • Rodent Tracks: Paw prints in dusty areas of your home may indicate signs of rodents actively passing through.
  • Rodent Sightings: Viewing one rodent means there are probably more, so contact your Ballston Spa rodent removal specialist.
  • Odors: A dead rodent smells needs no explanation. A musty odor can be associated with mice as well.
  • Noise: Noises at night would indicate a rodent issue as rodents are nocturnal.
  • Excited Pets: Just like Promise indicated to my husband and I something was happening around 5am two mornings in arrow (aka the mouse), pets will get excited around rodent areas, an animal in the house or where signs of rodents may have occurred

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