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Living in the northeast it is almost expected to have a mice or two in your home or structure. Although a mice or two may not sound like a big deal, it is! Rodents carry disease and destroy property. Tackling a rodent problem may be out of the realm for some Clifton Park homeowners, but calling a pest professional should not be. Thomas Pest Services likes to remind Albany homeowners that prevention is the key to reducing pests and rodents in and around your home.

Dangers of rodents:

  • Mice are prolific breeders. A mouse can have 5-10 litters a year with 3–14 young at a time. Mice populations can increase very quickly.
  • Rodents continuously gnaw to keep their teeth short. Gnawing can be on wood, trim and even wires causing fires.
  • Mice spread disease through their urine, leaving trails everywhere they go.
  • A single mouse drops an estimated 25,000 rice-sized droppings a year, or about 70 per day.
  • Rodents in your structure exposes you and your family to Salmonella, tapeworms, infectious jaundice, plague & Hantavirus.

Effective rodent control in Renesslear, Albany, Latham and surrounding areas requires exclusion, sanitation and population reduction.

  • Exclusion is another word for sealing or preventing entry ways. Using a combination of materials, Thomas Pest Services performs exclusion work from the interior and exterior around windows/doors, pipes, wires, ducts and other areas to reduce rodent’s mobility. As stated above, rodents are dangerous.
  • If a rodent problem has gone unattended for a period of time, sanitizing the areas where rodents have nested will reduce the risk of health concerns associated with mice and rats.
  • Reducing rodent populations is accomplished through strategically placed traps and bait. Rodent control requires follow up visits to ensure they program is working properly. On these visits, Thomas Pest Services re-positions rodent equipment, replenishes bait stations and performs exclusion where necessary.

While every customers needs are different, every structure and infestation level are unique. Thomas Pest Services, a local pest management professional performs free evlautions to develop the best solution of your home and property. Contact us today online, Facebook, Twitter or at 518-373-2847.

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