Mosquito Spraying

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YNN Albany reports, Pittsfield has begun mosquito spraying treatments to help keep mosquitoes at bay. With the high amounts of rain in our area, mosquito populations are increasing due to the weather. Earlier this year, experts were unsure how to predict West Nile Virus in 2013, due to factors including the amount of precipitation, the types of mosquitoes, quality of habitats, how early the pests merge and how long they stick around.

Adulticiding, the control of adult mosquitoes, is the most common form of mosquito control used today. This process can be achieved through aerial or ground application of insecticides designed to control adult mosquitoes.

How do adulticides kill mosquitoes?

Most adulticides work by disrupting the nervous system of a mosquito. The mosquito’s nervous system consists of a brain and neurons. Neurons are nerve cells that transmit messages to organs in the body. Adulticides stop the message from being correctly sent through the neuron which causes the nervous system to overload and stop functioning. Without the nervous system functioning properly, the insect cannot survive, and therefore dies.

When an adulticide penetrates the skin of a mosquito, it travels to the synapses in the nervous system and prevents the acetlycholinesterase from breaking down the acetylcholine. For this reason, adulticides are referred to as cholinesterase inhibitors. This means that the signals being sent to the nerves are not stopped. If these signals are going on constantly at a very fast rate, and the acetylcholine is not being broken down, then there is a build up of acetylcholine in the nervous system. The excess acetylcholine overloads the nervous system and the mosquito dies. For example, the brain sends a message, through acetylcholine, for a muscle to contract. Once the muscle movement is complete, the adulticide stops the release of acetylcholinesterase. That means the muscle keeps getting the message to contract. This causes uncontrolled, rapid muscle twitching which eventually kills the mosquito.

No one likes mosquito bites and living in and around the Capital Region it is inevitable you will be outside. Thomas Pest Services offers a mosquito and tick service to Clifton Park and surrounding areas in the Capital Region. Unfortunately, keeping mosquitoes off your property is nearly impossible, but Thomas Pest Services can help reduce you and your families’ risk. If you live in Clifton Park or elsewhere in the Capital Region and need assistance getting rid of mosquitoes, fill out our contact form today for a free estimate!


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