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Being able to spend more time outdoors is the highlight to my summer. During the evening and weekends, my neighborhood is filled with little voices and laughter of children playing in their yard and around their home. However, when children are outdoors there are some pests they pay encounter which may bite, sting or be concerning to their health.

How can you protect your kids from pests?

  • Inspect regularly for stinging insects nests. Look in trees, bushes, decks, play sets and around the home. Stinging insects can cause painful stings and be dangerous if the child is allergic. Help with the pain of bee stings and seek medical attention if necessary.
  • Apply a safe insect repellent to help reduce the risk against mosquitoes and ticks.
  • As tempting as it is to feel the grass between your toes, encourage children to wear footwear outdoors. This will prevent stepping on stinging insects, snakes or other outdoor pests.
  • Explain to children to never get close to wildlife animals as they can bite and carry different diseases. Warn them if they see a wildlife animal to leave them alone especially if acting strange and to let you know.
  • Encourage children to look for pests and teach them what to look for.
  • To limit the risk to children, always store any over the counter insecticide products out of their reach.

Often times when inspecting a home, we ask children where they have seen pests because they know! Kid friendly pest control is important not only to you and your family, but to Thomas Pest Services and our family. If you or your children do locate a nest or find an insect problem, contact your local Clifton Park Pest Professional. Just as you preach safety to your children, Thomas Pest Services suggests avoiding do it yourself pest control to protect your safety and practice kid safe pest control. Leave your pest problems to the professionals so you can enjoy the outdoors with your children.

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