How Spiders Could Break-In This Fall?

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It’s fall here in New York, and spiders are keeping their eyes out for new real estate. The frontier surrounding your home has served them well, more than supplying their basic need for food, water, and shelter. However, as the temperature drops, their summer paradise begins to look more like a fall graveyard. Conditions are becoming unlivable, food sources are dwindling, and there seems no other choice than to relocate. And what better place than your home?

Spiders? There’s More!

One big problem with spiders is that if they are in your home, they are most likely not alone. A spider’s diet consists of other pests, including flies, mosquitoes, moths, butterflies, really most any creepy crawly. If your home has spiders, there is a good chance other pests are not far away.

How Do Spiders Get In?

Spiders, along with other pests can invade your home in a number of ways. Spiders generally reside beyond the walls of your home. This means when the weather gets cooler, they are right there, by your foundation, ready to discover that crack or hole, which is leaking warm air. If you find any points of entry such as this, consider sealing them with a caulking gun. Unfortunately for homeowners, this time of year isn’t just prime time for 8-legged invaders, but for 4-legged furry ones as well. Many rodents are on the lookout for warmth. This often leads to holes and tears in screens, holes and tears big enough for tiny spiders. If you find any ripped or torn screens, consider repairing or replacing them. Last, but not least, and more often than not, a spider will walk right through your front door. Door sweeps can be a great way to stop spiders. Along with keeping doors shut as much as possible.

How To Deal With Spiders

A spider infestation can be a daunting problem to deal with, especially when there are so many species to try to distinguish from one another, all while figuring out which are dangerous, and which are just a nuisance. Here at Thomas Pest Services, we understand that DIY is often not enough. This is why we offer our Complete Care Plan, a plan that does not only guarantee you a spider-free home but a home free of the pests they eat as well. For all your spider and pest needs, leave it to the professionals here at Thomas Pest!

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