Half-Spider, Half-Cricket

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Have you ever wondered why camel crickets have the word camel in their name? We have. And, as it turns out, it is because its back sort of looks like it has a hump on it--like a camel. But when you see one of these creatures sitting on your basement wall, you are less likely to think camel, and much more likely to think spider.

If spiders and crickets could mate--which they can't--they would most likely produce something that looks like a camel spider. The long thin legs on the camel cricket have a lot in common with many creepy arachnids, but camel crickets and spiders have two distinct differences. Spiders have eight legs instead of six, and there isn't a spider on the planet that can leap several feet, not even the infamous jumping spider. Your average jumping spiders are lucky to get 22 mm into the air. That is pretty good for its size, but nothing compared the jump capacity of the camel cricket.

So, what does this mean for you and your Albany home? We asked that question too.

As it turns out, people don't like having a creature that looks like a spider and jumps like a cricket living in their homes. And, since spring is when these crickets begin to show up more and more in places they do not belong, it is not surprising that we get more calls to remove them.

If you're dealing with camel crickets in your Albany home, the team here at Thomas Pest Services can fix that problem for you. Here's what you can expect.

  • A friendly, courteous, and highly educated technician will arrive at your door.

  • All areas of infestation will be located.

  • All threats observed will be reported to you in a straightforward and easy to understand analysis.

  • Entry points will be sealed.

  • Any pest products used will be precisely what is needed, focused only on areas where they are needed, and EPA approved. You can also be sure that your family's safety will be our top priority.

  • All pest plans executed will have been developed by our on-staff, board-certified entomologist. That means you can know for sure that they will be administered in a way that is safe and effective.

  • Your pest control will be handled by a team that is nationally recognized as QualtyPro certified. Of the more than 22,000 pest control companies in the United States, less than 3% have qualified to be designated as QualityPro. Thomas Pest Services is one of them.

When you have a camel cricket problem, you're in safe hands with Thomas Pest Services. We'll make sure no more spider-looking creatures leap out at you from your basement walls – Or from anywhere else for that matter.

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