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Fiction: Groundhogs and woodchucks are two different animals.

Fact: Groundhogs, woodchucks, pasture poodle and whistle pigs are the same animal. They’re marmots, which are some of the large rodents in the Sciuridae family.

Fiction: Groundhogs can predict the weather. Fact: With their 39% accuracy rate, Punxsutawney Phil, Wiarton Willie and General Beauregard Lee probably need to keep their day job. Some hardworking woodchucks are found in labs testing for hepatitis B and liver cancer treatments, cardiovascular studies and cerebrovascular and neuroplasty experimentation. They’re also used in energy balance and metabolism research.

Fiction: Woodchucks only cause damage to plants above ground.

Fact: Most damage attributed to woodchucks occurs from their burrowing and tunneling activities. Woodchucks holes and tunnels can be as deep as 5 feet and as long as 60 feet coupled with their ability to destroy beans, corn and other vegetable and fruit crops, makes them unwelcome guest in home gardens and commercial fields. Woodchuck tunnels also have caused the collapse of structures from undermining foundations, pier and supports.

Small localized spaces can be protected with wire fencing; however, because woodchucks dig, the fence needs to be buried at least 10 inches deep below ground level. And because woodchucks are nimble climbers, the fence needs to be at least 3 feet above ground to get rid of woodchucks.

Sometimes trappings in the best option. Thomas Pest Services provides humane woodchuck trapping and removal services. After the groundhog trapping and removal, Thomas Pest Services can provide services to prevent woodchucks such around foundation areas.

Wildlife removal is not a “do it yourself” task. Getting rid of wildlife are animals that can bite, carry and spread disease, why a professional wildlife removal specialist should handle the task. Wildlife can quickly take over a structure to shelter themselves from the outdoor elements. Contact your Albany wildlife removal company to prevent any damages before they can begin. The Clifton Park wildlife removal experts at Thomas Pest Services can help you today with a free inspection to get rid of woodchucks!

Source: PMP Magazine - October 2013

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