Fall Exclusion Tips For Your Albany Home

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Lean in close to the monitor, I'm going to tell you a secret. You know those bugs? The ones that come in every year? You don't have to live with them. Imagine you're having a party, and there are guests you don't want to come. What do you do? You exclude them. Right? Now, if they're pests, they'll try to come over anyway. But you have methods to discourage them from staying. It is the same with bugs and wildlife. Your home belongs to you. And you have the right to choose which bugs you want to have over for dinner--which is exactly zero bugs. Here are some exclusion methods you can use to discourage those pests from staying.

"I'm sorry pests; is my yard boring you?"

Bugs and wildlife are always chancing upon your yard, but if you make it unappealing, they'll continue on their way. They're looking for food, and a place to nest, or lay eggs. Trash cans are all of the above. If a skunk, raccoon, or rodent strolls by in the woodline, nothing will draw them in faster than an open trash can, even if your trash is in plastic bags. Flies love trash too. They lay their eggs in it, which produces more flies. This makes the spiders happy, because spiders think flies are yummy. And, soon you have a whole ecosystem of pests living in your yard.

Bugs and rodents also like clutter, overgrowth, and moist dark places. If you keep your yard clean and cut, you'll make it less inviting for insects and critters.

"What? I didn't leave the light on?"

Exterior lights, and light escaping from windows, will lure flying insects. This can be a problem, because some bugs eat other bugs, and you are putting out an insect buffet. Consider replacing your outside lights with yellow, bug resistant, lights. And, keep your curtains closed at night. This will reduce the number of tasty morsels swirling around next to your exterior walls and entry points.

"Was I supposed to get the snacks?"

If you do barbeques, or eat on the deck, remember to put everything away, and clean up. Even a crumb is dinner to a bug. Also, be aware that sweet things attract wasps. In fall, wasp populations are at their max. If you haven't had nests removed from your property, be careful when you have a sugary drink. Always examine it before lifting it to your lip. Many wasp stings happen because of accidental contact.

"There is a lock on the door for a reason."

Seal up your home. It doesn't take much of a crack for a bug to slip in, so inspect your foundation and exterior walls carefully. Use a caulking gun to seal gaps around fixtures, pipes, and electrical meters. And, fill in any rotted holes you find.

Install door sweeps and weather stripping, if you haven't already. And, use screens to keep bugs and critters from getting through vents, down your chimney, or under your deck, porch, or patio.

"Yes. This is pepper spray. Go away!"

If the bugs don't take the hint, have the exterior walls of your home sprayed by a professional. This added protection will keep the bugs off your exterior walls, and if they aren't crawling around on your walls, they aren't looking for a crack you missed.

These are only a few of the many common-sense exclusion methods you can use to keep bugs and wildlife out of your yard, and out of your home. In Albany, we have a whole host of pests that infiltrate homes in the fall: stink bugs, boxelder bugs, ladybugs, cluster flies, rodents, and spiders--just to name a few. But you don't have to live with these pests. Call a professional, and learn more about exclusion methods today.

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