Do You Make These Common DIY Pest Control Mistakes?

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When faced with pests in the home it’s often tempting to address the problem yourself, and in some cases you may find certain methods effective. However, many homeowners make common mistakes that often make their pest problems worse. Consider these common DIY pest control mistakes and see if you’re not guilty of at least one in your home!


When you see a line of ants in the kitchen or bathroom, you might immediately reach for the insecticide spray. While this gets rid of the ants you see, it also leaves behind a repellent that causes the ants to scatter and look for a new route to the food or water they’re seeking. This in turn it can become more difficult to find the nest or point of entry in your home. Instead, it’s often good to follow the line of ants until you see where they’re entering your home and call a pest professional for ant removal services.


When you set traps for mice, you may assume it’s good to put the trap in the middle of the room so they can get to it easily. In truth, mice have very poor eyesight and they are very timid, so they don’t like to wander into large open spaces. This is why you often see mice along the baseboards of a room or crawling under appliances.

If you have a mouse in the home and want to set a trap, put it near the area where it was spotted. Keep it close to the wall or to the appliances in the kitchen or even tucked a bit under the refrigerator or oven, and you’re sure to have more success with it.


One mistake that many homeowners make is relying on sprays alone to combat a bee problem. Bees are typically colony insects, meaning they live with other bees in a nest or hive of some sort. Spraying one bee that wanders near your home is not going to take care of that colony, and if you have bees that show up repeatedly, you probably have a nest nearby. If there is a lot of activity on the outside, do not seal up the entry point for bees, as you can drive them inside creating a larger problem.

In some cases it can be good to rid your home of what is attracting the bees, such as garbage bags. Bees are attracted to sweet and pungent smells and if you have rotting fruit or other such foods in your garbage, they’ll gather around incessantly. Invest in some heavy-duty trashcans that close securely and be sure to hose them out regularly to get rid of anything that’s dripped.

Inside the home, be sure your window screens and screen doors fit properly as these are the common areas in which bees enter. Check the corners of outside porches for the beginnings of a nest and remove them quickly and safely. Be mindful of wearing floral fragrances outside or of keeping flowers on your porch or other areas where you might congregate, as these will attract the bees.

As a homeowner, there are a lot of DIY steps you can take to help prevent pests from finding their way into your home, but even these are most effective when completed in partnership with your Albany pest professional. And, if you suspect you have an infestation, your first step should always be to call a licensed and trained pest professional. They will be able to properly identify your pest problem and recommend an appropriate course of treatment. Learn more about pests in the Ballston Spa and surround areas by contacting us today for a free home evaluation!

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