Carpenter Ants Showing Up All Over Clifton Park NY

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This time of year, it's very common to find ants in the kitchen and elsewhere in the home. These pests are in search of food and they're not going to leave without it! While most ants won't cause too much trouble, carpenter ants are the exception and unfortunately are showing up all over Clifton Park lately.

Carpenter ants are a challenge to say the least. Like nuisance ants and other pests, they gain entry through small cracks and gaps around windows, doors, siding and venting as well as through areas where utility lines enter. Unlike pavement ants and other nuisance ants, once inside they will start tunneling through wood (preferably moist or damaged wood) to create galleries for nesting purposes. And when any pests creates a nest, you know what they're doing- they're increasing their numbers. Which means they'll shortly become an even larger problem.

Why, you ask? Carpenter ants are wood destroying insects, also referred to as structural pests. An infestation of this type of ant can result in damage to your home and the longer they are present, the more damage they'll inflict.

If you live in Clifton Park (or elsewhere in New York) and so far have not seen any carpenter ants, we encourage you to keep it that way. Here are a few carpenter ant prevention tips to help you maintain a home free of these large black ants:

  • Address the moisture issues in the home and replace any moisture-damaged wood.

  • Seal up any gaps or openings on the exterior of the home.

  • Trim branches and shrubs so that they don't touch the siding, wires or anything connected to the house.

  • Eliminate any food sources inside and out.

If you find that you already have a carpenter ant infestation and would like resolving the problem, call Thomas Pest Services today to schedule your carpenter ant control today!

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