Bed Bug Myths

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Bed bugs do not discriminate.

The Ritz-Carlton can confirm bed bugs do not care about your social or economic status nor are they are result of uncleanliness. A Ritz-Carlton employee in New York City was told by a pest management professional to, “Be careful. There are a lot of bed bugs in there.”

With the media presence surrounding bed bugs, reading the internet there are many informative sites, but not all reliable. Below are some bed bug myths:

Myth #1: You can't see bed bugs. Adult bed bugs are the size, shape and color of an apple seed. Younger bed bugs (nymphs) and bed bug eggs can be difficult to see.

Myth #2: Bed bugs are found in unsanitary and low income areas. Bed bugs can be found in clean and unclean facilities from five star hotels, shelters, residential homes, commercial buildings and schools.

Myth #3: Throwing away the mattress will get rid of bed bugs. Bed bugs are not contained to bed areas and can live within 10 ft of sleeping areas.

Myth #4: I don't have any bug bites, so I don’t have bed bugs. Everyone reacts to bed bug bites differently – some react, while others don’t.

Myth #5: Bed bugs transmit diseases. There is no evidence proving bed bugs transmit disease.

When traveling it is important to take steps to avoid bringing bed bugs home. As your Albany bed bug exterminator, we are a licensed and trained in bedbug control. We have the experience; tools and knowledge to help get rid of bed bugs fast from Valatie, Schenectady, Clifton Park, Glens Falls and surrounding areas. For more information on bed bugs or bed bug treatments, contact us by phone 1.877.518.BUGS (2847), email, twitter or facebook.


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