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Does this sound familiar….Hearing scratching noises in the attic, or even inside your walls? For many homeowners in and around the Clifton Park NY, this is the reality. The tiny squeaks or footsteps could indicate you have an animal in the attic. Animal you say, yes, an animal. But, how can an animal get in my attic? Don’t animals hibernate this time of year? Noises in the attic during the day time can be blamed on the squirrel.

Squirrels often choose attics for shelter when their shelter is removed. As housing developments continue to grow around the Capital Region, trees are cut down removing natural shelter areas for squirrels and other animals. Squirrels are often entertaining to watch outside, but squirrels are trouble once inside structures.

Why are squirrels a problem inside structures?

  • Over time as squirrels build their nests in your home, they urinate on your insulation contaminating it, along with their droppings. Not only is this messy, but a health hazard to you and your family.

  • Squirrels can become fierce when there are young inside the home. Often squirrels use our homes and structures as a place to birth and raise their young.

  • Squirrels maintain their incisors by chewing holes in the structure, insulation and even electrical wires.

  • Squirrels are also a factor in spreading rabies, hantavirus, Lyme Disease by biting and even can transfer fleas.

The animal control specialists at Thomas Pest Services deal with getting rid of squirrels and other wildlife regularly; and we know remove squirrels from the house. Here are the many reasons why you should give us a call today. When it comes to dealing with squirrels and other wildlife inside your home, a wildlife control professional has the experience, license and knowledge to evict wildlife. Ask us about scheduling a free inspection or preventing wildlife from entering your structure.

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