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angie's list super service award

Angie's List Recognized Thomas Pest Services for its Super Service

When you are searching for a pest control company in the Capital District, you know there are many companies from which you can choose. Your morning coffee comes with a commercial about pest services in the region, and your morning commute serves up a side of pest control ads. When it comes to award-winning pest control services, however, Thomas Pest Services has taken home the gold four years in… Continue

carpenter ant in damaged wood

Never too Early to Think About Spring Pests

It may seem like we are just starting winter with all of the recent snow storms we’ve had in February – but believe it or not, spring is just around the corner. Before we know it, the temperatures will increase, the snow will have melted – and we’ll enter the season of mud! In addition to muddy shoes, spring introduces another challenge we should start thinking about… Continue

stink bug crawling on foundation of home in albany

What Does Overwintering Pests Mean?

Sometimes animals are grouped according to certain characteristics and given a name, like rodent, marsupial, or spider. While all spiders are arachnids, not all arachnids are spiders. The term "overwintering" refers to a process some animals go through to survive freezing winter temperatures. It often involves hiding deep in the ground or in a protected place above ground. It is usually… Continue

technician in albany

Why You Should Love Thomas Pest Services

If you have not fallen in love with pest control services from Thomas Pest Services, maybe you should. Continue

groundhog on rock

Is Groundhog Day A Good Day Or A Bad Day?

Groundhog day is here again, is it going to be a longer winter or are we that much closer to spring? Continue

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