The Benefits of Professional Bat Control

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Bats have earned quite a place in books, movies, and comics. There are few people who have not heard of Batman or Count Dracula. Bats also have a place in many legends and folklores. In these, bats can symbolize both good and evil. But there is one place bats definitely don’t belong: in your home! When bats get into a home, there is nothing fascinating about them. Nothing at all. They scratch inside walls. They leave their droppings all over the place. They stain walls with the oil from their skin. And they can even bring bat bugs, mites, ticks, fleas, and other parasites in with them. It is never a good idea to allow bats to live in your home, but we probably don't have to tell you that. When bats get into a home, we don't usually have to convince people that those bats have to go. We do, however, have to make a case for why it is a bad idea for an untrained individual to attempt to get rid of bats. Here are a few things you should consider if you're thinking of taking on a bat problem by yourself.
Bats are the number one threat for rabies in the United States. Though it is rare for a bat to bite a person, bats that are infected with rabies can be extremely unpredictable and aggressive. This increases that chances of a bite being inflicted. But even a healthy bat can bite when it feels threatened or is handled, which is often what happens when an untrained person tries to remove a bat from their home.
As we mentioned above, when bats get into a home, they leave their excrement everywhere, especially in the areas that they roost. Not only will that create a mess for you to clean up, but it can also make you sick if you're not careful. Bat guano can contain the fungus Histoplasma capsulatum which can cause histoplasmosis pulmonary syndrome if the airborne spores are inhaled.
Health risks aside, the greatest benefit of professional bat control is that you don't have to do the dirty work yourself. Though it can be helpful to take steps to prevent wildlife from invading your home, when you hire the right professional, they'll take care of everything for you! This is called comprehensive bat control services.

What should you expect from comprehensive bat control services?

Comprehensive bat control services should include:

  • The removal of bat droppings using specialized HEPA vacuums. These industrial vacuums use high-efficiency filters to bag contaminated materials. This ensures the capture of all spores and prevents additional spores from becoming airborne.

  • The sanitization of infected areas. This will further reduce the risk of fungus spores being left behind where dryness and airflow can cause the spores to become airborne.

  • The removal of contaminated insulation. If contaminated insulation is not addressed, the job will be complete and the health risk will remain.

  • The humane removal of all bats that have invaded your home. Bats are beneficial creatures in nature. With comprehensive bat control services, those bats will be captured and released so they can go back to doing what they do best: eating mosquitoes!

  • Most importantly, comprehensive bat control should include exclusion services. Exclusion services include the sealing of the entry points the bats were utilizing to get into your home so that future bat infestations don't occur after your current infestation has been eliminated. There is nothing more frustrating than having to pay for bat services twice! Make sure this exclusion service addresses all openings that are ¼ of an inch or larger as bats can squeeze through very small gaps.

Whether you're dealing with a single bat that has gotten into your New York home or a full-blown bat infestation, Thomas Pest Services can help you get your problem under control! Our comprehensive bat control services include all of the services mentioned above and are performed by our award-winning, QualityPro-Certified team of professionals with a strong track record of success. When it comes to bat problems, don't settle for anything less! If you live in Albany or the surrounding area, reach out to us at Thomas Pest Services.

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