geese near water

What do geese look like?

There are several different species of geese, but the most wildly known species in New York is the Canada goose. They have a black head and neck with white markings on their head, their body is brown in color.


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Are geese dangerous?

Geese can become very aggressive towards humans if they feel threatened or if they are protecting their nest; adults are very strong and can cause injury to people. They can also carry and spread a variety of diseases in their feces.

Why do I have this pest bird problem?

Geese are attracted to properties while looking for food sources and water sources. If your home is near a body of water, if you have a pool, or a large lawn they will likely be attracted to your property.

How do I get rid of geese?

Contact Thomas Pest Services if you need help getting rid of geese. We offer services for wildlife removal in Albany and Saratoga as well as throughout the Capital District and Adirondack region. Our experts will eliminate the geese from your property and offer solutions to prevent future problems with geese and other pest birds.

Geese prevention tips

Geese can be extremely difficult to prevent from invading your property; getting professional help to control and prevent geese is your best option.

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