Cicada Killers

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cicada killer

What do cicada killers look like?

A type of wasp, cicada killers are black to reddish brown in color with some light yellow striping. Their wings are a brownish color and when it comes to size, the females of this hearty species are generally larger than their male counterparts. Cicada killers are often mistaken for European hornets.


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Are cicada killers dangerous?

Like carpenter bees, cicada killers are solitary creatures and unlike other types of wasps, they’re not particularly aggressive unless of course there is a direct threat or if they are handled. That said, cicada killers have the potential to be dangerous; their sting can trigger allergic reactions in some individuals.

Why do I have a cicada killer problem?

Sadly if you have a cicada killer problem, it could be because your lawn is not in the best shape. These stinging insects create burrows in the ground, the more patchy and bare the lawn, the more they like it. You see, cicada killers will sting and paralyze their prey (cicada’s are their favorite) and dig a hole in the ground to bury the kill with a single egg. Once the egg hatches the larvae feeds on the kill until it is big enough to emerge from the ground.

How do you get rid of cicada killers?

If you need help getting rid of cicada killers and/or other stinging insects, Thomas Pest Services can help. We offer stinging insect control in Albany, Saratoga and throughout our service area; contact us today for more information!

Cicada killer prevention tips

Maintaining a healthy lawn is the best way to prevent cicada killers along with contacting Thomas Pest Services at the first sign of stinging insect activity.

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