Wood Destroying Insects

Termites and powder post beetles makes up the wood destroying insect group and are capable of inflicting serious damage to properties in NY.


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Some pests are just a nuisance to have invading your home. They don’t cause any health risks, nor cause any significant damage to the structure of your home; they are just a pain to deal with. Other pests are more than a nuisance; they are dangerous. They transmit serious diseases, bite, sting, or damage the structure of buildings. Wood destroying insects fall into the category of dangerous pest and can cause significant, costly damage to the structure of a home.

Many wood destroying insects will enter into homes and other buildings while searching for food or enter inside on items that are already contaminated. Wood destroying insects will damage wood while feeding on it or creating tunnels and nesting areas in it.

They are generally very secluded spending most of their time inside the wood they are invading; it is very uncommon to see wood destroying insects, like termites, just wandering around your home or property. Because of this, eliminating wood destroying insects from your home can be very difficult. It can sometimes take homeowners weeks, months, or sometimes even years to know that their home has been invaded by them.

The best way to prevent problems with wood destroying insects is to make sure that any water damaged wood in your home is replaced, and that any wood used in your home and or in structures around your property is stained or painted. It is also helpful to limit the use of old wood (barn wood) in your home.

Eliminating wood destroying insects from your home is difficult and best left up to a professional. If wood destroying insects have decided to invade your home contact the Albany pest control experts at Thomas Pest Services today!

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