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Stored product pests, also known as pantry pests, are a group of insects that infest dried goods, pet food and other pantry staples.  This group includes cigarette beetles and Indian meal moths. 

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Stored product pests (also known as pantry pests) refers to a group of insects that are found invading items that are stored in kitchen and pantry areas. Stored pantry pests are most commonly discovered in items like: flour, chocolate, cereal, dry pet food, dried flowers, tobacco, and spices.

It is generally the larval stage of stored product pests that cause the most damage to food within your home. Adults lay their eggs in dry goods and once the eggs hatch the larvae will feed on the food source until they pupate and become adults themselves.

The most common way that a home becomes infested with stored product pests is by purchasing items from a grocery or other store that are already infested. This is why it is extremely important to inspect the packaging of dry goods before purchasing them. Do not purchase items that have holes or rips in the packaging. It is also important to transfer dry goods from their original packaging into plastic or glass containers that have tight fitting lids, and to regularly rotate dry goods stored in your home.

Stored product pests can also make their way into your home when adults are foraging for food sources. Many are attracted to outdoor lights and will find their way inside through open windows and gaps around windows and doors. Making sure to caulk gaps around exterior doors and windows, installing door sweeps, and using yellow outdoor lights can all help to stop these pests from coming inside.

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