Biting Insects

Biting insects in New York include bed bugs, mosquitoes, fleas and ticks.  Learn more about these pests including whether or not they are dangerous, how to get rid of them and what you can do to prevent infestations and bites. 

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Learn More About Biting Insects

Biting insects are parasitic insects that all feed on the blood of animals, and unfortunately for us, humans. Biting insects not only cause painful, sometimes itchy welts on our skin, they can spread diseases (Lyme disease, West Nile virus), invade our homes, and be very difficult to eliminate without the trained eye of a professional.

Some biting insects are attracted to things on our property that they need for survival (water and food sources), others are introduced into our homes accidentally by us or our pets, and still others are introduced into our home through infested products that we purchase. No matter how they get into our home or onto our property, one thing is for sure; they need to be controlled quickly.

Some species of biting insects like bed bugs and fleas can get into our homes and quickly infest it; a few can quickly turn into hundreds or even thousands. They will invade mattresses, box springs, wooden and upholstered furniture, and carpets. These pests are very resilient and need to be removed from your home with the help of an experienced expert.

Species like mosquitoes and ticks will usually cause more of an issue outside than inside; mosquitoes especially can quickly ruin outdoor activities and make people run for cover to stop from being bitten by these pesky pests. These pests are more difficult to control because they cannot be completely eliminated from your property; but with the right treatment, their numbers can be significantly reduced.

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