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Learn more about pigeons and geese and what makes them pest birds in New York.

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Learn More About Pest Birds

In nature, birds are a beautiful sight and are very environmentally important; their numbers and vigor is a good indicator of the overall health of the environment they are living in. Birds transport and spread seeds and pollen and consume nuisance insects helping to keep their numbers down.

The natural territories of wild birds have become much smaller overtime due to the expansion of human territories; meaning that wild birds are now living in much closer proximity to people in urban, suburban, and rural areas. Because of this, some species have somewhat started to rely on people for food, water, and roosting and nesting areas, causing some big problems for both home and business owners.

Pest birds can be difficult to control and can cause significant damage to homes, buildings, and equipment. Birds will leave large amounts of droppings all over your property and will also introduce some pretty serious diseases to your property.

Their droppings are very acidic and can cause corrosive damage to building materials - causing them to break down overtime. Pest birds also carry and transmit a variety of diseases including: cryptococcosis, salmonella, and toxoplasmosis; they can also grow a fungus in their droppings that causes histomplasmosis. A build-up of their droppings on the ground can be quite unsightly and can lead to ‘slip and fall’ injuries.

Pest birds may clog gutters, soffits, chimneys, and vents by building their nests in or on them; also, their molted feathers may get inside of heating, cooling, and other equipment causing the machinery not to work properly.

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