Kingston, NY Carpenter Ant Control (Ulster County)

Ulster County is a hiker's paradise. Minnewaska State Preserve and Mohonk Preserve offer some of the best hiking trails in all of New York State. Hike Overlook Mountain and you’ll find yourself poking through the burned-down ruins of the old Overlook Mountain House hotel and climbing a Catskill Mountain fire tower. Pair that with the artsy slant of places like Kingston and Woodstock, and you start to realize that Ulster Country is truly the home of something special and unique.

That unique status stops when it comes to insects. All that proximity to nature makes Ulster County a buggy place, and even the cities and towns aren’t immune. This is especially problematic to locals when it comes to carpenter ants. This destructive variant of ant isn’t just a problem for the woody forests that pepper the county – they are also a problem for homeowners that have any kind of wet or rotting wood that carpenter ants love. Thomas Pest Services has solutions to make those carpenter ant problems disappear.

Our Carpenter Ant Control Process

Services’ 2-step carpenter ant control process:

  1. Our professional team members perform a thorough interior and exterior inspection to assess carpenter ant activity and ensure there are not other factors attracting them to your structure.
  2. After evaluation, our team designs and implements a treatment protocol utilizing the most recent advances in ant control technology and product selection. Treatments may include applications to cracks and crevices and other areas prone to nesting and traveling ants on the interior and exterior of the structure.

Our pest control experts make carpenter ant control easy – no more worrying about the safety of your home when it comes to these damaging wood-destroying insects.

We service the City of Kingston and the surrounding areas in Ulster County, including:  

Bearsville Mount Marion
Connelly  Port Ewen
Eddyville Ruby
Glasco Saugerties
Glenford Shady
Hurley St. Remy
Lake Hill West Camp
Lake Katrine  West Hurley
Malden On Hudson Woodstock


In need of carpenter ant removal in Ulster County? We can help with that.

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