Kingston, NY Bee & Wasp Control (Ulster County)

Kingston, NY has a reputation as a great place to live for young people – local bars, and restaurants paired with the art and music scene make it ideal for young folks looking to experience the culture of a city in a smaller, easier-to-digest package than a conventional urban center. One of the things that sets Kingston apart from other cities in Upstate NY is fusing that cultural charm with easy, direct access to nature. Bluestone Wild Forest, Onteora Lake Trail, Ashokan Rail Trail, and Mohonk Preserve are all near Kingston in surrounding Ulster County. 

But being surrounded by nature can also have its pitfalls: namely, a more elevated presence of particular types of pests is much more likely in both Kingston and the areas surrounding it. One of those pests that are basically impossible to avoid is stinging insects: bees, wasps, and hornets all love to call the area home. But just because these insects are common, that doesn’t mean a large presence on your property is a foregone conclusion. Thomas Pest Services can help you manage stinging insects all spring and summer long.

Our Stinging Insect Control Process

Our stinging insect control process is built around 2 simple approaches: removal and prevention. In the case of an existing nest on your property, we will remove the nest and apply preventative treatments to any prone nesting sites. If you are opting for preventative treatments before you have a stinging insect problem, treatments are done when bee, wasp, and hornet season starts, and carry on for the duration of the active season with regular treatments. Typical areas of application include:

  • Overhangs
  • Decks/Porches
  • Windows/Door frames
  • Any other areas prone to pests

We service the City of Kingston and the surrounding areas in Ulster County, including:  

Bearsville Mount Marion
Connelly  Port Ewen
Eddyville Ruby
Glasco Saugerties
Glenford Shady
Hurley St. Remy
Lake Hill West Camp
Lake Katrine  West Hurley
Malden On Hudson Woodstock

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