How to Mosquito-Proof Your Saratoga Home for Spring

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If no one has told you yet, bed bugs are a problem in New York State. But, you probably already know that. While you would have been hard-pressed to find a bed bug two decades ago, infestations are popping up everywhere now. You may even know someone who has had to deal with an infestation, or you've dealt with one yourself. You might even be dealing with one right now at this very moment. If you are, and you're wondering if those bed bugs present a danger to you and other people living in your home, you've come to the right place.

Bed bugs are an old threat that is reappearing in the civilized world. While these bugs have been plaguing humanity since the dawn of time, they were nearly wiped out in the 1950s by a miraculous--and unfortunately hazardous--product called DDT. So, the government of the United States banned it in the 70s. DDT was so powerful, it took three decades for bed bug infestations to take root here. Now, they're common. Too common. Because there is no pest control protocol that is able to shield a home from an infestation. The best we can do is take precautions to prevent bed bugs and deal with these insects immediately when they appear.

It is spring in Saratoga and it is time to start thinking about mosquitoes again because, if you don't think about them now, they're soon going to be all you can think about when you go out into your yard. Today, we're going to talk about some of the best mosquito prevention practices for mosquito-proofing your Saratoga home and reducing mosquitoes in your yard.

Home Protection

You are probably aware that your screens are your frontline defense against mosquitoes. If you have damaged screens and you slide open a window, those little biters could find their way into your home. But, more often, they come right in through your doors. There are two ways this usually happens. If you have kids, they can sometimes leave the door open and give access to mosquitoes. It is important to let your kids know about the serious danger mosquitoes can present. All it takes is one infected mosquito to make you very sick. The second way they get in is right through the doorway when you enter or leave your home. You can reduce this by making sure you only keep your door open for a short period of time. But the better solution is to have fewer mosquitoes around your home, waiting to follow you into your home or waiting for your kids to leave the door open.

Yard Protection

There are two primary reasons why you have plentiful mosquitoes around your home. Let's take a look at them closely so that we can get some insight into what must be done to reduce your mosquito populations.

Hiding Places

Mosquitoes need a lot of moisture to survive and, while they enjoy the warmth of the sun, they don't like the drying effects of the sun. For this reason, they will hide in vegetation and other shaded places during the day. The more moist hiding places you have, the more mosquitoes you're going to have. You can reduce the moisture in your landscaping by doing the following:

  • Check your gutter system and make sure there is nothing preventing rainwater from being channeled down and away from your home.
  • Trim some tree branches to let sunlight into areas that get a lot of shade.
  • Remove weeds, trim bushes, and put space between the plants in your landscaping to allow the wind to dry your topsoil after watering.
  • Fix leaking spigots, hoses, and pipes.

Beeding Sites

Many species of mosquito will breed in stagnant water— and they don't need much water to do it. A half cup of water left out on your deck or a thin 1-inch puddle in your yard is enough for most mosquitoes. If you want fewer mosquitoes in your yard, address conditions of stagnant water that help with mosquito reproduction. An individual female mosquito can lay 100 eggs at a time. That's a lot of new mosquitoes that could be birthed near your home.

Unmatched Protection

While moisture control and the control of stagnant water resources can have a big impact on mosquito populations around your home, seasonal mosquito reduction treatments are the only way to achieve a mosquito-free yard. Seasonal mosquito treatments break the cycle of reproduction and turn your yard into a buffer zone. When mosquito come to hide in your yard, they are repelled or eliminated. When they come to breed in your yard, their larvae don't last long. In essence, your yard becomes a giant mosquito trap that will benefit you and everyone who lives around you. But it is important to understand that not all yards can be made 100% mosquito-free. If that is your goal, you'll need to find out if mosquito control is right for you. We can send a service professional to your home to do a detailed inspection and give you insight into how effective this service could be for your yard if you'd like. In all cases, routine seasonal mosquito treatments are the most effective way to significantly reduce mosquitoes. While your mileage may vary, you're going to see results. In fact, our customers see such great results, they come back year after year for this vital service.

Mosquitoes are potentially dangerous pests. Get your protection in place today and find out what a difference seasonal mosquito reduction can make. Thomas Pest Services provides the highest level of pest control to Saratoga and the surrounding area. Reach out to us today to schedule service.

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