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raccoon in new york

Common Wildlife Threats New York Residents Should Always Be Ready For

Preparing for wildlife this fall in New York should include prevention of common wildlife threats. These threats include squirrels, raccoons, and bats. So, while the leaves are changing and the temperatures drop, wildlife pests are seeking out warmer environments in which to survive the winter months. Continue

groundhog on rock

Is Groundhog Day A Good Day Or A Bad Day?

Groundhog day is here again, is it going to be a longer winter or are we that much closer to spring? Continue

mice poop found in kitchen sink

Rodent and Wildlife Warning Signs

It is getting cold here in New York. Even creatures that are born with fur coats think so. And cold temperatures give rodents and wildlife incentive to get into your home. If you would rather not share your home with dirty, foraging animals this winter, here are a few signs you should be looking for. Continue

gray squirrel on fence

What Is The Difference Between A Flying Squirrel And A Grey Squirrel?

Squirrels are fun. Aren't they? It is fun to watch them scamper across your fence, chase each other through the trees, and flick their fluffy little tails. But they cease to be fun when they chew their way in through your eaves and build nests in your walls. Two squirrels that are known for invading homes in New York are flying squirrels and gray squirrels. Here are a few things you should know… Continue


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