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a dangerouse swarm of termites damaging a hoe in albany new york

Why Get Professional Protection as Termites Return to New York Homes

Everyone enjoys the relief of summer as the chilly weather of winter and early spring begin to recede again. Many New York residents take advantage of the nicer weather by preparing for summer guests they’ve invited to their homes. But they don’t often remember to prepare for the termite guests who may come inside uninvited. Continue

termites eating wood

Steps Every Schenectady Homeowner Should Take To Avoid Termites This Spring

Few pests strike fear into the hearts of homeowners the way termites do. They are certainly unique amongst pests. Continue

termites up close

Why Termites Could Still Be Active Around Your New York Home

Upstate winters. Remember the weeks surrounding Christmas and the New Year's Day last year, when temperatures in the Albany area dropped below zero and stayed there for days on end? How could anything survive those temperatures? But, if you think logically, you'll realize if everything died off in the winter, then pests would no longer exist. We know that isn’t true. Continue

termites eating wood

Summer is Over - Are Termites Gone?

For many pests here in New York, fall and winter signify an end to their seemingly never-ending assault on humans. We will finally be able to enjoy the weather, knowing that no more hornets will be buzzing about in our yards, no more mosquitoes biting our necks, and no more ticks or fleas hiding on our properties. It seems that pest season is finally over, or is it? Continue


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