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stinging insect on a nest

How to Prevent Wasps and Bees from Swarming Around Your Home

With the warmer months chasing winter away, many New York homeowners are excited to experience the blossoming of trees, baby birds chirping, the sweet smell of young flowers, and the bright green of new plant growth. But, like us, many species of bees and wasps have been waiting for the warmer weather as well. Continue

Common Summer Stingers in Albany

Stinging insects cause a plethora of issues every summer as they invade the Albany area. Stinging insects have a bad reputation for causing a lot of pain when they inject their stinger into their victim. When stung, you could be left with raised welts that are painful and potentially dangerous if you are allergic to their venom. Some of these stinging insects have smooth stingers and are capable… Continue

stinging insect on wooden surface

Here Come The Stinging Insects

Spring and summer months are noted for many things from freshly budding flowers to the chirping of young birds. Attitudes and moods of people seem to improve when the summer sun brings warmth and erases the final effects of winter. Bees and wasps also begin to emerge in large numbers. But there is something about bees and wasps that have the ability to place people on edge as they buzz around you… Continue


Name That Stinging Pest

If you're more than ten years old, there is no doubt you've seen a stinging insect. You may have even been stung by one. We all have a story or two, after all, the American College of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology reports that stings from insects send more than half a million people to the hospital every year. But how well do you know these painful pests? Would you be able to distinguish between… Continue


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