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spider hanging from web

Six Mistakes to Avoid to Keep Fall Spiders Out

For many people, spiders invoke instant anxiety and fear due to their unpredictability and creepiness, not to mention that some of them can bite. Continue

spider on a white wall

How Spiders Could Break-In This Fall?

It’s fall here in New York, and spiders are keeping their eyes out for new real estate. The frontier surrounding your home has served them well, more than supplying their basic need for food, water, and shelter. However, as the temperature drops, their summer paradise begins to look more like a fall graveyard. Continue

house spider up close

Common Spiders Of Albany

There are many species of spiders in the Albany area that often find their way into homes, including the venomous brown recluse and black widow spiders. In addition, Albany is also home to several nonvenomous varieties like wolf spiders, jumping spiders, and common house spiders. Continue

black widow spider

Spiders Spiders Everywhere

Why are spiders everywhere, around Halloween time? Not the decorations; the real ones. It is probably as simple as the fact that in the fall, spiders have had all summer to grow, and are at their largest in both size and population, so they are more noticeable. Their webs are everywhere. And when spiders are noticed, especially big ugly full-grown spiders, they can produce quite a scare. This may… Continue


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