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spider hanging from web

Six Mistakes to Avoid to Keep Fall Spiders Out

For many people, spiders invoke instant anxiety and fear due to their unpredictability and creepiness, not to mention that some of them can bite. Continue

5 Tips to Reduce Spiders Around Your Home

Spiders are one of the most common pests found in homes, and are one of the most feared pests. Spiders are often found around the home, in corners of rooms, on ceilings, around baseboards and other less frequently accessed areas.There are about 40,000 identified spider species worldwide. There are many spiders commonly found in New York, but the American house spider is the most common. American… Continue

Female Spiders Judge Mates by Their Silk

On this Valentines Day, we wanted to share for some spider suitors the arachnid equivalent of a box of chocolates is an insect wrapped in silk. New research shows it's not just the gift but also the color of the wrapping that can seal the deal among one species. Continue

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