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squirrel in the snow

Common Winter Wildlife Problems for Schenectady Residents

Winters in Schenectady can be chilly, making people want to stay indoors. Unfortunately, humans aren’t the only ones moving indoors for the winter. Wild animals are also looking to human properties for shelter. Continue

squirrel on tree

Guide to Winter Squirrel Prevention for New York Homeowners

People have varying opinions of squirrels, some enjoy watching them run around the yard and others see them for what they could potentially be, a home invading pest. However you feel about squirrels, very homeowner should be well aware of the problems these wildlife pests can cause if they find their way into your home. Continue

ground hog

Ground Hog Problems?

Do you feel like every day is Groundhog Day? Not that your day is repeating, like it did in that movie with Bill Murray, but, that every day you look out at your lawn you know you still have a ground hog problem? Every day you notice that something else in your yard has been eaten, or you're seeing new holes dug next to your shed. It can be very frustrating. Continue


Are Squirrels Driving You Nuts?

Okay. Let's be honest. Squirrels are adorable. When they dance around on the fence or come up on the porch, you can't help but stop what you're doing and watch. But that is what makes those delightful little creatures so sinister. Their cuteness! It's like camouflage. Before you know it, they've chewed a hole into your eaves and built a nest in your attic. The trick to protecting yourself from… Continue


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