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mosquito sucking a mans blood

Mosquito and Tick Facts

Don’t let mosquito and tick bites ruin your fun. Read on for interesting did you know facts about mosquitoes and ticks. Learn how the pest control experts at Thomas Pest Services can protect you and your family and property from mosquitoes and ticks with their green solutions. Continue

couple enjoying a mosquito-free wedding

Summer Event In New York Ruined By Mosquitoes!

If the title of this article was a news headline run as many times as it actually occurs, we'd never stop seeing it. Mosquitoes ruin summer events all the time! It's crazy! And, since no one in the history of the world has ever said, "Man! I'm glad those mosquitoes were eating me alive," it might be a good idea to get mosquito services if you're planning a summer event you want people to… Continue

mosquito control technician treating backyard

Zika Virus Threat

Unless you have taken a break from television, radio, and all social media you probably have heard all about the Zika virus. With all the information and stories being spread around right now, you may rightly be a little on edge. At Thomas Pest Services we want to take away some of the mystery of the Zika virus by providing you with basic information, along with how you can protect yourself and… Continue

Tips for Pest-Free Camping

As summer comes to a close, the weather is perfect to spend the weekend camping. While spending time with family and friends outdoors, keep in mind that the great outdoors is also home to many pests. Read our tips to have a pest free camping experience.  Continue


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