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The Best Tick Prevention For Hudson, NY

Ticks. Everyone is talking about them lately. You hear and read statements like “I hate ticks!!”, “Had another tick on me!” or “Ticks are awful this year! They are everywhere!!” All the media outlets are discussing Lyme disease and the tick presence, especially here in the Northeast. The best way to prevent tick bites and to lessen your chances of contracting… Continue

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How to Protect Your Home from Pests This Spring

Spring is on its way and, as the weather heats up, some common pests will start becoming active again. Spring pests like mosquitoes, termites, and stinging insects will soon begin buzzing around. Continue

Don't Let Ticks Ruin Your Fall Activities

Fall is here! You might think the threat of ticks has diminished and that your family is safe from tick exposure. But, that is just not the case, because ticks can stay around for quite a while longer. Continue

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The Reasons Why We Treat The Perimeter Of A Home For Ticks And Mosquitoes

There can sometimes be confusion about how mosquito and tick control works, especially if you're looking to find answers on the internet. If you've seen your pest control technician putting a spray around the perimeter of your home and you wondered how that works to stop mosquitoes and ticks, hopefully, this article will shed some light on the subject. Continue


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