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spider hanging from web

Six Mistakes to Avoid to Keep Fall Spiders Out

For many people, spiders invoke instant anxiety and fear due to their unpredictability and creepiness, not to mention that some of them can bite. Continue

house spider in home

Why Spider DIY Control Often Fails

There is a ton of information out there on the internet regarding do-it-yourself solutions for just about everything, though not everything on the web lives up to its expectations as is the case with spider control. Continue

christmas decorations with spider

Christmas Decorating Tips

Once again it is that magical time of year; the time of year when you go into your basement or attic and dig out the boxes and boxes of holiday decorations that have been collected over many years. Ready to decorate your home with your family, you open the first box and bam; you are not greeted with happy memories but with mouse droppings and ornaments that have been chewed to pieces! The pest… Continue

black widow spider

Spiders Spiders Everywhere

Why are spiders everywhere, around Halloween time? Not the decorations; the real ones. It is probably as simple as the fact that in the fall, spiders have had all summer to grow, and are at their largest in both size and population, so they are more noticeable. Their webs are everywhere. And when spiders are noticed, especially big ugly full-grown spiders, they can produce quite a scare. This may… Continue


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