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March Is National Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month

It’s that time of year again: March marks the return of National Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month, a cause that the team at Thomas Pest Services holds near and dear to us all. Continue

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Cerebral Palsy Press Release

Albany, NY - As part of our ongoing participation in Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month every year, we are pleased to announce that Thomas Pest Services will once again be raising awareness for and supporting research into cerebral palsy from March 1 to March 31, 2018. Continue

riley with bill and sarah

Cerebral Palsy: Help Us Raise Awareness

During the month of March, Thomas Pest Services will be working to raise Cerebral Palsy awareness, a cause near and dear to Bill and Sarah Thomas-Clark. At the age of one-and-a-half, Bill and Sarah's daughter was diagnosed with Mild Right Side Spastic Hemiplegia, a form of Cerebral Palsy. Riley has stiffness in her arm and leg making everyday tasks and movements difficult. Continue

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