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carpenter ant up close in schenectady ny

Why DIY Methods Of Carpenter Ant Control Should Be Avoided

The internet is filled with DIY help. Some of the tips on the internet are flat out wrong. Some are right but, when applied incorrectly, they don't work. Some are right and, when you apply them correctly, you can have some success but you never know if it really took care of the problem. Continue

carpenter ant on grass

Carpenter Ants Are A Pest That New York Homeowners Need To Watch For

Oh, New York. The state of long winters and about 5 weeks of what can be considered summer. With an average of 12 days in the year which go above the 90-degree mark, it should be safe to assume that most insects you’d expect in other parts of the U.S. wouldn’t be as much of a problem here. While that might be true for a lot of other insects, carpenter ants are not among them. Continue

carpenter ant

Why Carpenter Ants Love Albany in the Summer

While humans may come to Albany from all over the world to experience all that the the state of New York has to offer, none of them come for the same reason carpenter ants do. Those ants aren't going to take in a Broadway show, visit the Empire State building, ice skate at Rockefeller Center, or walk wide-eyed around Time Square. Continue

carpenter ant damaging wood

Carpenter Ants Are Just Little Ants, Right?

There are a lot of little things in this world and we would probably not consider most of them to be anything we would worry about. In fact, most things are less intimidating when they are little. Even the scariest pro wrestler was once an itty bitty baby. No one is scared of a baby, right? You probably wouldn't be scared of a puppy, either. It is when that puppy grows up to be something big, like… Continue


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