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close up image on a damaging carpernter ant on new york property

Spring and Summer Ant Prevention Steps for New York Residents  

There are over 10,000 species of ants in the world. That’s a lot of ants! It’s no wonder so many people experience ant invasions. There are numerous ant species right here in New York alone, and it's during this time of year that they spring up around homes and lawns. Watch out for ants in your home this season, as their activity will increase as the weather warms. Continue

carpenter ant chomping away on wood in the backyard

Why Ants Are in Your Schenectady House and How to Keep Them Out

In Schenectady, ants can remain active inside homes throughout the year, including the winter months. Usually, they make their nests outside, but when they come inside while foraging for food they discover a good, constant source of food. Once they have made that discovery, they continue to return again and again to bring food back to their colonies. Continue

ants finding their way into a local kitchen

Why are Carpenter Ants so Challenging?

Before we know it, ants will be marching indoors. There are many types of ants that invade Clifton Park NY and Capital Region homes including pavement ants, carpenter ants, acrobat ants, citronella ants and odorous house ants. Each ant has their unique characteristics, which affects the way to control ant populations. Continue

ants finding their way into a local kitchen

Finding Ants In Your Home This Winter? Here's Why.

Finding any pests in your home can cause quite a headache. It is common to find little black ants in your home, even in the long winter months. These ants are foraging for food and looking for shelter during the winter. Living outside in the cold is just no longer acceptable to them. Your home is looking pretty cozy and if they are lucky, it's full of food. Ants will spend time scoping out your… Continue


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