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carpenter ant infestation

Having Trouble With Ants In Hudson?

We get a ton of calls for ant control in Hudson this time of year. Carpenter ants in particular, the ant we face most often is gearing up right now. As the temperatures begin to increase each day, they will begin to look for food to support their growing colony. Setting up their colony unfortunately takes place in our homes, reason for seeing big, large, black ants.  Continue

a large colony of wasps residing in their huge hive on an albany new york home

Problems Wasps, Bees, and Yellow Jackets Bring to New York Homes  

 Many of us want to make the most of the warmer weather we’re getting, and we often forget to plan for some of the negative impacts summer can have. Along with the warmer weather comes the threat of some warm-weather pests - stinging insects. Some stinging insects, such as honey bees or bumble bees, are actually quite beneficial to the environment with their pollination habits and… Continue

a dangerouse swarm of termites damaging a hoe in albany new york

Why Get Professional Protection as Termites Return to New York Homes

Everyone enjoys the relief of summer as the chilly weather of winter and early spring begin to recede again. Many New York residents take advantage of the nicer weather by preparing for summer guests they’ve invited to their homes. But they don’t often remember to prepare for the termite guests who may come inside uninvited. Continue

cerebral palsy awareness ribbon

March Is National Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month

It’s that time of year again: March marks the return of National Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month, a cause that the team at Thomas Pest Services holds near and dear to us all. Continue

cockroach on an albany newyork residents kitchen counter

The Importance of Professional Pest Control for Cockroaches  

Did you know that cockroaches can hold their breath for over 30 minutes? They can also survive a week without their heads! Cockroaches have some pretty incredible if unappealing, attributes, all of which aid in their survival. Continue

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