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rodent on a window

How to Eliminate a Fall Rodent Infestation

Rodents, such as mice and rats, have become very reliant on humans to survive. It is common for them to infiltrate New York homes in the fall as the temperature begins to drop. Continue

squirrel eating an acorn

Why Fall Squirrel Infestations Bring Big Problems to New York Residents

Did you know that, in a way, squirrels migrate just like birds? The only difference is the distance traveled. Where birds fly several hundred miles to find a new warmer climate in order to avoid the cold of fall and winter, squirrels only need to travel the distance between them and the closest invadable human home. Continue

termites eating wood

Summer is Over - Are Termites Gone?

For many pests here in New York, fall and winter signify an end to their seemingly never-ending assault on humans. We will finally be able to enjoy the weather, knowing that no more hornets will be buzzing about in our yards, no more mosquitoes biting our necks, and no more ticks or fleas hiding on our properties. It seems that pest season is finally over, or is it? Continue

stink bug on a wall

Where Are All These Stink Bugs Coming From?

If you’ve ever wondered where stink bugs come from, you can thank Asia. Because that is where all those lovely little insects that are invading your home came from, originally. Stink bugs are more of a nuisance pest than a property-damaging pest, but that doesn’t make them any less of an annoyance! Continue

tick on leaf

The Many Benefits of Fall Tick Services

Ticks are as fierce as ever this fall season. The cool weather isn’t slowing them down. In fact, it would seem they are seeking warmth from animals and humans even more. Just walking outdoors can put you at risk for receiving a tick bite. Wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy the outdoors without worrying about ticks or contracting Lyme disease, to be able to send your pets outside without… Continue

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