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Habitats in Homes: Bats

Bats aren’t by any means the worst pest to have hanging around your home; in fact they’re generally pretty harmless, and can even keep a mosquito presence on your property at bay. On the other hand, bat poop (called “guano”) can be the carrier of disease-spreading bacteria, and all-in-all having a roost of bats in the attic can just in general cause a mess. We scoured the… Continue

How Pests Changed Human History

Humans have always had a...complicated history with critters and insects that we consider a nuisance, and possibly even a danger. Over time, these creatures have been given a special kind of name: “pests”. The word pest has 2 definitions: A destructive insect or other animal that attacks crops, food, livestock, etc. and; An annoying person or thing; a nuisanceWe can say… Continue

The History of Pesticides

Pesticides can be a bit of a scary word. It elicits the mental image of dangerous chemicals, causing potential health problems for people and pets, all in the name of getting rid of some frustrating pests that are plaguing your home. But that’s a bit of an old school mindset on pesticides, as the modernization of pesticides has truly revolutionized the safety of these pest-preventing… Continue

Prehistoric Pests: Squirrels

Squirrels can be quite a nuisance. They also can, in the right light, be...sort of cute. But have you ever wondered what squirrels were like millions of years ago? Were ancient squirrels hanging out in ancient attics and burying ancient nuts in pristine ancient lawns? Were they about the size of a forearm, but at least double that size in their level of annoyance (ok, triple)? We were curious too… Continue

Top 10 Moments of Thomas Pest Services

December 20101st Truck: In December 2010, Bill and Sarah began Thomas Pest Services. With only a handful of customers, they needed a way to get to them, and this trusty 2010 Chevrolet Silverado truck made that possible! March 20121st Location: We soon outgrew our home office and embarked on the hunt to find a new location. March 2012 was a busy month! Not only did Bill and Sarah get… Continue

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