Your Attic Should Not Be A Bird House

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Let's be honest. Birds are pretty cool. They're colorful. They sing. They're gifted with the awesome ability to fly. Who wouldn't like having birds around? Some of us even build feeders so those birds will come in close to our houses. So, birds living in the attic is a good thing, right? Sadly. No. Birds living in your attic is just about as far from a good thing as it gets. Here are some reasons why you may want to give those birds the boot.

  1. Have you been up to your attic lately? If your bird infestation has grown large enough, we don't have to tell you why birds in the attic are a bad idea. You can see it for yourself. Their bird feces everywhere! You can see it all over the rafters. It's nasty.

  2. Birds don't just leave their droppings everywhere. They also leave urine. In a hot attic, it doesn't take long for this to become a problem everyone in the house will know about. But beyond the horrible smell, bird waste is a health hazard for your family.

  3. Are you ready for some big words? Histoplasmosis, toxoplasmosis, cryptococcosis, psittacosis, encephalitis, candidiasis, salmonellosis and just some of the disease you can get from exposure to wild bird waste.

  4. Are you ready for a little word? E. coli. When bird droppings land on food or water supply, this little bacteria can be introduced. If you're not familiar with these little intestinal worms, let's just say flu symptoms are only the beginning of your problems.

  5. Wild birds don't always come alone. They can carry ectoparasites in their fur. What is an ectoparasite? They come with names like chicken mites, bed bugs, lice, and yellow mealworms. When birds come to live in your home, it could be the beginning of an infestation far worse. There are cases where people have had to move out of their houses and have them fumigated because of severe bird mite infestations.

  6. Noise. Birds aren't generally quiet. If you have a few birds up there, you're going to hear them bumping, thumping and scratching.

Okay. Birds are bad. How do I get rid of them?

At Thomas Pest Services, our bird specialists will help you remove food sources around your home, clean gutters where birds may be getting a drink, and seal things up so they can't continue to come in. All nests and roosts will be removed and, if needed, our team will install the latest in natural bird deterrents.

Don't let your attic become a bird house. Kick them out and keep them out with Thomas Pest Services. Contact us today!

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