You've Never Seen a Bed Bug This Up Close and Personal

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Bed bugs:
they’re one of the most reviled pests in the world, and in recent years, they’ve been on the rise. These blood suckers will infest a home and feed on anyone nearby in their
sleep. We recently took a zoomed-in video of bed bugs sucking blood, to give you a taste of what’s happening when a bed bug pierces skin for a blood meal. 




Gross! But kind of cool. Still, there’s no question that you don’t want a horde of these blood sucking bandits taking up residence under your mattress, in your couch cushions, or anywhere else in your home. Here are seven freaky facts about bed bugs that will make your skin crawl: 


  1. They can live a few months without a meal. That means that even if they don’t have a host, they can hide until they find one.

  2. Bed bugs can survive at extreme temperatures. In other words, they can survive in any season, whether it be extreme cold or extreme heat; this makes DIY treatment almost impossible.

  3. Bed bugs are expert travelers. They can hitch onto your suitcase at a hotel and stay, not jumping off until they reach their destination--your home.

  4. Bed bugs are discreet. When they bite you in your sleep, the reason that you don’t wake up is the anesthetic quality of their saliva.

  5. They can be sneaky. Bed bugs are excellent at avoiding detection, and intentionally wait until nighttime to feed, when you are inactive. 

  6. Bed bugs are equal opportunity infestors. Having bed bugs doesn’t mean you have a dirty home; any home with a host is appealing to a bed bug.

  7. Male and female bed bugs both bite, and they look practically identical to the naked eye. Females can lay up to 3-8 eggs a week, which hatch into baby bed bugs called nymphs. Nymphs will have smaller, less noticeable bites, but make no mistake, they still bite! 


Worried you might have an infestation on your hands? We’re proud to have some of the best bed bug experts in the Capital Region. Schedule a free inspection below today!


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