Yellow Jacket Control and Removal

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It's the time of the year, late summer homes in the Albany NY area begin to have problems with yellow jackets. During late summer and fall, yellow jacket colonies are nearing maturity and workers are looking for food. With insect prey becoming scarce, yellow jackets look for other sources of nutrition.

To control yellow jackets nesting inside a wall or ceiling void, you need to pinpoint the nest or you need to find the outside entrance hole. Otherwise, diy yellow jacket control using an insecticide application may simply agitate the yellow jackets. Without pinpointing the entry point, you can cause yellow jackets to create a new exit, maybe chewing through plasterboard and into a room. If yellow jackets break through the sheet rock, take a larger piece of cardboard and duct tape the cardboard around the hole. This will prevent the yellow jackets from getting into the living space until your Albany pest control company arrives.

A nest may be only a few inches from the entrance hole, or it may be inside a void 30 feet away. Sometimes to locate the nest, our technicians will use a stethoscope to listen for yellow jacket noises like, buzzing and scratching.

Using a combination of aerosols, liquid and dust to control yellow jackets, our technicians inject products into the entrance point. Products penetrate further in and carried into the nest on the bodies of returning workers. Sometimes a small hole has to be drilled into the wall and product injected into the nest that way.

After a yellow jacket treatment, we ask you wait several days for complete yellow jacket control. In most cases a yellow jacket will not be removed, but products applied provide a long-lasting repellent into the nest. This will kill any new yellow jackets that may still emerge and prevent secondary pests from infesting the old nest. After the problem is resolved, we recommend sealing the entrance hole to prevent a new yellow jacket queen from using the same site the following year. A preventative service during the warm months can prevent stinging insect situations as well.

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