Wildlife Problems in Albany, NY

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The past few days, winter has reminded us it is still here! Despite the frigid temperatures the team at Thomas Pest Services has been solving pest, rodent and wildlife problems around the Albany NY area and throughout the Capital Region. Even though it is winter, our job does not end. Common winter Albany NY pests include mice, squirrels and raccoons that are in search for food, water and shelter. Unfortunately most times these pests call home in our structures.

Thomas Pest Services is your trusted answer for wildlife problems in Albany NY and surround areas along with mice removal. It is important to remove rodents and wildlife from your property, but also prevent them from returning and creating another problem. Not only are these pests a nuisance, but have the ability to cause problems, including:

  • Create damage to your property and structure chewing their way inside.
  • Noises at night and during the day in walls and attic spaces.
  • Contaminate insulation with droppings and urine.
  • Spread disease.
  • Chew on structural elements and electrical wires.
  • Spread fleas and ticks to you and your pets.
  • Unwelcome encounters in the structure.

Wildlife problems and/or rodent problems should be handled by a licensed and professional company. Although it may be tempting to tackle wildlife removal on your own, it can be a risky business. When dealing with wild animals they can be vicious even though may not look harmful.

If you report to your Clifton Park wildlife removal expert that there is a wild animal in or around your home, Thomas Pest Services will not only remove the animal, but they will also be able to look for the signs of a more serious problem. It may be that the single animal that has been captured is just one of many. Thomas Pest Services is aware that our area is home to many types of wildlife animals that like to share our home with us. Depending on the wildlife animal, there can be a certain way to humanely remove wildlife from your property and home. When you contact Thomas Pest Services you will receive the expertise on removing animals from your home, cleaning up after animals and preventing wildlife from returning. Contact your Schenectady wildlife removal company when wildlife become a problem in your Capital Region home.

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