Why You Shouldn’t Try To Handle Yellow Jackets Alone

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Summer has come to a close and we are now on the edge of the coldest months of the year. Many pests that we deal with during the warmer months are now winding down and becoming less active as brisk winds rush up to meet us. Yellow jackets are not among those pests. Instead, they become even more aggressive as their natural resources decline. They will start crashing barbecues, parties, and picnics in order to feed on anything sticky or sweet. Yellow jackets also become far more defensive of their nests in the fall, and will commonly attack anything that appears to be a threat.
With these two factors in play, yellow jackets—already being a massive safety threat as it is—are even more dangerous to you and your family during the fall season. Yellow jackets are not a type of bee, as many people commonly believe. Instead, they belong to the wasp family and are one of the most aggressive types of wasps across the states. Additionally, yellow jackets are able to sting multiple times in a row, making them a much worse threat than your common honey bee. Yellow jacket stings can cause severe allergic reactions in some people—and are sometimes fatal.
These stinging insects typically build their nests in the ground but occasionally build nests in trees, attics, or empty wall spaces. Finding a yellow jacket nest anywhere on your property can be very frightening, especially considering the threat they pose to your physical safety. Yellow jackets are angered very easily, which means if you happen to look like a threat to their nest, they will swarm out and sting you multiple times. These dangerous pests should never be dealt with by anyone other than a professional.
Thomas Pest Services is more than qualified to handle yellow jackets and other stinging insects which create a threat to your safety. With our bee and wasp services, you can be sure that we will remove nests, as well as take preventative measures to keep them from making more nests on your property in the future. Our highly trained pest control experts will keep these aggressive pests from returning to your home and affecting your peace of mind. Give Thomas Pest Services a call for a free estimate, or to ask about all our other pest control services.

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