Why You Should Hire A Professional To Trap Wildlife

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We often hear about friends and neighbors who enjoy a good cup of coffee on a Sunday morning while they watch a family of squirrels chase each other around the backyard, or we muse over countless stories about the raccoon trying to get into bird feeders after dark. Usually, these tales are an amusing peek into the life of a wild animal just doing what wild animals do. But, what happens when these animals get just a little too close for comfort?

Small wild animals such as raccoons, squirrels, chipmunks, and even skunks might be very cute from a distance as they go about their business unaware that they are being watched. We all enjoy seeing them in their natural state foraging for food, raising their young, and curiously inspecting everything around them. However, sometimes these animals can cause a lot of problems in and around the neighborhoods they share with people.

Not one of these creatures is trying to amuse us. They are concerned with food, shelter, water, and raising their families. That’s it. All too often, everything that they are looking for can be found easily in or near our homes. These pests will decimate a bird feeder to get to the seeds inside. Skunks and raccoons have often been known to destroy trash cans near a home and then spreading garbage all over the yard.

Should any of these animals decide that your cozy home looks like a great spot for them, the real problems begin. Raccoons and squirrels are great climbers so they would likely look for an opening in the attic or chimney and quietly build their nesting spots out of ripped up insulation and any stored soft goods they might find. Skunks will often make their den right under the porch and then spray the first time they are frightened by something.

Wild animals that have found their way inside have all but destroyed kitchens while searching for food. They have been known to chew on wiring, tear up clothing and furniture as well as walls and window screens as they try to get back out. For these reasons, it is essential that small wildlife never to be encouraged to get too close to humans.

There is one rule for nuisance wildlife. Never try to capture a wild animal on your own. It can be extremely dangerous to try to corner a wild animal no matter how cute or innocent you think it looks. Each of these pests will bite or scratch if they are scared, leaving you the very real possibility of contracting diseases such as rabies. Call the team at Thomas Pest Services instead. Our wildlife control experts will be at your door to safely remove the problem animal from your home and go over ways that you can prevent them from coming in again.

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