Why You Should Avoid DIY Pest Control Products

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The internet and your friends are full of ideas to help you save money and get projects done without paying for professional services. While this may be great for cleaner kitchen floors and gardening hacks, it is not the best for the things that go bump and creep in the night – pests. When you hear about these strange pest sounds, you will avoid DIY solutions forever.

Sounds Pests Make in Your Home

Take your pick. You know what sounds you hear. They are the ones that make you question your ears; and, sometimes, they make the hair on the back of your neck stand up. It can’t be anything else. You have a pest problem. Remember this: if you hear sounds and the animals and humans in your home are not around or are asleep, you may have a pest problem. Common sounds pests make in your home include:

  • Scurrying or scratching on or under floors

  • Movement in the attic

  • Scratching in or near the walls

  • Bags rustling in the cabinets or pantry

  • Unsecured lids popping off containers, pet food, and bird food

  • Scratching or scurrying in the ceiling

If you have any of these sounds, you probably have a pest problem – plain and simple. What isn’t plain and simple are the methods for controlling and getting rid of them. The internet would have you believe otherwise.

Worst DIY Solutions for Pests on the Internet

If you have heard any of these DIY solutions, don’t waste your time. You will not get rid of pests in your home using these methods.

  • Sprinkle cayenne around the edges of cabinets and throughout your pantry

  • Rub peppermint oil around the perimeter of the home

  • Bug and pest repellent with Tea Tree oil

  • Vinegar and citrus sprays

  • Cups full of water

  • Anything with rubbing alcohol

  • Stuffing dryer sheets in problem areas

  • Covering surfaces with aluminum foil

  • Mix borax and syrup

  • Spreading clover oil throughout your home and in open areas around your home

What is the problem with DIY pest solutions?

First of all, they don’t work. If they are effective, it is only a temporary fix to mask a much larger problem. You don’t have one mouse; you likely have many. Sure, you might catch one, but mice are smart and they reproduce quickly. If they are in your home, mice are thriving in your walls and you don’t even know it. The dangers of using DIY solutions are that they can be harmful to people if they are mixed or placed improperly and they give the false hope that you are getting rid of or deterring these animals. Mice spread diseases and animals in your attic destroy your home’s materials. This cannot be solved with a sprinkling of peppermint oil and pseudoscience. You need professional pest control to prevent, get rid of, and to control pests in your home.

Call Thomas Pest Services to learn how to get rid of the sounds in your home for good. Don’t put yourself, your family, your health, and your home’s value at risk with methods that don’t work. They only cost you more money and headache in the long run.

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