Why Those Fleas Laugh At Your Flea Over The Counter Strategies

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You still remember when the Battle for Fido began. “I knew I shouldn't have let him play with Cat Lady's cockeyed tabby,” you think.

Now it's You Vs. them. After launching that first medication offensive during the Invasion of Fido's fur, you felt victory. But soon after, reinforcements attacked- flea bites!

You retired to your fort, defeated, collapsing into bed. What comes next?

Turns out, those flea over the counter products you're using might not always be effective against fleas-at least not alone.

Flea Collars

It seems simple. Slap on that flea collar, send fleas on the Highway To Hell. Unfortunately, flea collars are useless in environments with heavy flea infestation or where animals are in constant contact with flea-infested ones. Mr. and Ms. Flea also tend to pack their bags and set up shop on another section of your pet's body instead.

Shampoos and Dips

Giving Rusty that flea dip or a shampoo bath is also a short fix. Yeah, he'll be protected... for a few days. If a new flea wants to raise a family on your dog's body, he just needs to endure (often) a 1-2 day clearance period.


Though they've proven effective in killing those pesky insects, flea over the counter products often prove ineffective and risky posing serious health threats to animals and humans. This is when consumers use multiple products at once and fail to read label directions.

A 2008 study by The Center For Public Integrity found 1,600 pet deaths attributed to over-the-counter, insecticide flea treatments within the preceding five years. These medicines contained pyrethroids-a synthetic chemical insecticide used in thousands of flea products.

Flea over the counter products like foggers will not achieve a 100% removal rate of fleas within the home. Additionally, flea products are not strong enough to deliver the desired results of no more fleas.

What Now?

Combining safer products with a long term approach can halt flea infestations. Opt for natural flea dips, which can be bought or created and are safer than their chemical versions. Flea combs can not only find fleas on your pet, but remove them.

But you'll need to do more to make sure fleas see the “No Vacancy' sign outside your door.

Thoroughly wash your pet's beddings and anything he likes to lie on. This removes flea eggs, larvae, pupae and many adult fleas. Use that vacuum cleaner to suck out fleas in deep hiding and encourage flea movement. Stick your dog's flea collar after using it into the cleaner to remove any more. Check around crevices and cool spots-where larvae love hiding-and vacuum them up. To seriously get rid of a flea infestation in the home should contact an exterminator who is capable getting rid of fleas.

And lastly, Keep Fido away from Old Cat Lady.

When pests find their way indoors, homeowners are often tempted to try and control the pest problem on their own, but the truth is that most pests are better left to professionals. After all, pest professionals have the knowledge, tools and training to safely and properly eliminate pest infestations. No matter the type of pest, if you have an infestation that keeps coming back, it’s time to hire your local Clifton Park pest control company . More likely than not, there is an underlying cause that needs to be addressed before the problem can really be resolved.

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