Why So Many Ant Hills Around My Property?

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Now that the days are longer, warmer, and sunnier in addition to seeing green grass, colorful flowers and trees full of leaves you may start to notice ants, lot of ants in fact. This is because it is the time of year when ants are very busy creating nesting areas and gathering food for their ever-growing colonies, therefore this is also the time of year when homeowners may start to notice ant hills popping up around their property. First, you see one, then two and now it seems that there is one everywhere you turn! What are ant hills, do I need to be concerned, and how do I get rid of these pesky ants and unsightly mounds? These are the questions that the ant professionals at Thomas Pest Services are going to answer for you today!

First, let’s talk about what ant hills actually are. Most species of ants dig deep into the ground in order to create a system of tunnels and chambers that the members of their colony use to travel through and live inside of. Living underneath the ground keeps the ants out of the elements and away from predators. As they create their underground tunnels and chambers the dirt that they are moving has to go somewhere. The ants will work together to carry the dirt out of the colony and mound it up at the nest’s entrances and exits creating unsightly ant hills on your property. Typically ant nests have multiple entrances and exits which is why you are finding multiple ants hills on your property. So long story short ant hills are basically just the dirt that the ants have removed from the ground to expand their nest.

So, while ant hills themselves don’t pose much of a threat to homeowners, besides leaving lawns looking less than their best, they do point to a serious problem- ants are living on your property. Unfortunately, when ants are found living on your property close to your home it becomes only a matter of time until they find their way inside of your home in order to forage for food and water sources. Along with being a nuisance inside your home, they have the potential to contaminate your family’s food and introduce any bacteria that they are carrying on their legs and body into your home. Also, sometimes ants will even decide to stay inside of your temperature controlled home and build a satellite nest inside your home leading to even more of a problem with ants traveling throughout your home on a regular basis!

At Thomas Pest Services we understand how frustrating it is to discover ants on your property and in your home can be. To combat ants our professionals can provide you with the effective and affordable services needed to protect your home from ants. We can quickly rid the interior of your home of invading ants and provide an exterior treatment to prevent future ants from being able to make their way into your home while foraging for food.

To protect your home from being invaded by foraging ants this summer and throughout the rest of the year, contact Thomas Pest Services and learn more about our year-round Complete Care Plan. Our Complete Care Plan will not only eliminate current problems with ants in your home and keep them from returning but will protect your home from other common household invading insects as well! Give us a call to learn more!

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