Why Rodents And Wildlife Are A Year Round Problem

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There are two main reasons why wildlife and rodents will end up on your property. The first reason is simply because they just happened to wander onto your residence. Secondly, they may be attracted to your home by their quest for food or shelter. Regardless of the reason, their existence creates multiple problems and health risks. Those who wandered onto your property will more than likely leave on their own.

Those seeking food, water and shelter will invariably settle in for an extended stay as long as the needed source of food, water and shelter is available. This can be corrected quickly by simply removing all supplies of food and water or making it inaccessible to rodents and wildlife. There are many sources of food for the hungry animal or rodent. Dog and cat food, bird seed, household garbage, garden crops and ornamental shrubbery are just a few sources that can attract animals and rodents onto your property.

The need for shelter and nesting is almost as strong of an attractant as food. Woodpiles, tall grass and even well designed landscaping can become home to many animals. Accessible crawl spaces, attics and vacant buildings are also potential shelter and nesting grounds for wildlife. Rodents have been known to gnaw through wood and sheetrock in their quest for food. Attics and basements become ideal locations in which these pesky rodents choose to dwell.

Securing your home from all forms of wildlife and rodents is necessary in maintaining a healthy, germ-free environment. Rabies, distemper, Lyme disease, salmonella and mange are just a few infectious diseases from which you can be exposed through contact with wildlife. Rodents are also a huge health risk to humans. Rat-bite fever, leptospirosis (resulting in liver and kidney damage) and hantavirus are just a few of the health threats resulting in rodent contaminations.

  • Routine preventative tips will eliminate most chances of wildlife or rodent infestations. Your goal is to remove all attractions or make them inaccessible.

  • Store all garbage in secured containers and keep containers clean.

  • Don’t leave pet food out where other animals or rodents can have access.

  • Store all leftover food in sealable containers.

  • Keep all food or drink spills cleaned up.

  • Remember that brush piles, tall weeds and woodpiles are great hiding places for animals. Keep your property free of potential nesting sites.

  • Seal all holes in foundations and crawl spaces. Place heavy gauge wire mesh over all vents and openings.

Consistency of prevention measures year round will be necessary in preventing wildlife and rodents from inhabiting your home.

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