Why Professional Pest Control Is The Best And Safest Option

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Where would you go if you wanted to have a tooth pulled? Obviously, you would go to a licensed and trusted dentist, wouldn’t you? Certainly, if the transmission in your car was acting up, you wouldn’t make an appointment for your cosmetologist to look at it, would you? And surely if a tree fell through your roof, you would want to call a builder or roofer, but you definitely wouldn’t trust the job to a plumber, right? When things in our life need to be dealt with, we like to trust the best and most educated people that service our need. It’s a wise and natural thing for us to do!

The same wisdom that governs who we call to pull a tooth, or fix our car, or repair our roof should be followed when we are dealing with the decision of who we want to control the pests in and around our home. After all, our homes are typically our largest investment – often in both time and money. It only makes sense that the right company for the job of pest control is the one who has the best training, experience, and the most successful track record. It is just common sense.

It wouldn’t make much sense to contact a gardener to help control the rodents in your basement, although that gardener may very well be familiar with rodents. And you wouldn’t want to contact a cook to help you eliminate cockroaches, even though the cook is probably familiar with them and may even have had to deal with them a time or two. It would be a poor choice to contact a lawn professional to help control mosquitoes in your yard, though they may have run across these creatures in their work. With all of the damages and diseases these pests can cause, it is truly a wise choice to call the best and the brightest to rectify your pest issues.

If you are dealing with pests in New York or the Capital District, the best and the brightest are right here at Thomas Pest Services. Our family owned local pest control company has a strong dedication to education, and we utilize the latest and greatest technologies and tools in our fight against unwanted pests. We are also a QualityPro certified company which is a distinction that less than 3% of pest control companies in the country can boast. In order to obtain this certification, our company had to meet or exceed stringent standards in four categories that include: trusted consumer relations, certified business practices, expert employee training, and environmental stewardship. Our mission statement reflects this high standard of success by stating that: Thomas Pest Services is to provide high quality service experiences, and guaranteed customer satisfaction by caring, engaged professionals.

Don’t take unnecessary risks with the integrity of your home or the health of your family this spring by hiring a general company to provide pest control services that are better left up to the pros. Give Thomas Pest Services a call today to see how affordably we can help you put up a pest shield of protection that is backed by the training and expertise of our highly trained and certified professionals. It just makes sense!

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