Why it is Prudent to Leave Wildlife Removal to the Professionals

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You might be under the impression that the only animals that live in your neighborhood are the domesticated type, such as cats and dogs. However, at night, when everybody is asleep, there could be many other wild animals lurking about, attracted by the easy pickings that they can get from the trash cans and other rubbish that we leave out.

Wild Animals and Diseases

Wild animals can carry diseases such as rabies, and if you have a wildlife problem on your property, then it is sensible to do something about it. However, dealing with pest proofing your property can be hazardous if you want to tackle the problem by yourself. That is why it is a good idea to get wildlife removal Clifton Park NY to deal with the problem. A professional team of wildlife removal specialists can deal with squirrels and other pests that can cause damage to your property.

Wildlife and Damage to Property

Aside from the diseases that wildlife animals can carry, which they can pass on, not only to household pets, but also humans as well, wild animals can also cause damage to your home and possessions. The damage that wildlife animals cause has the propensity to be extensive and not just cosmetic damage either. Cables and wires can be gnawed through, causing a significantly higher risk of fires, in addition to putting you and your families’ safety at risk.

Wildlife and Domestic Pets

Your own pets are another potential target for wild animals, whether they are being attacked by them, or contracting a disease, cats, dogs and other pets can be at severe risk from wildlife. So it is not only yourself and your property that is at risk, but your beloved pets too.

Who you Going to Call?

In order to prevent this, you need to make sure that wild animals are not a threat to your home, and that will involve making contacting a wildlife removal company. It may be tempting to deal with the problem by yourself, however, dealing with wildlife animals in your home can be a risky business, and it is advisable that you think long and hard about tackling the problem by yourself. The trouble with wild animals is that they can be vicious when trapped in a corner, and even creatures that do not look like they are harmful, can attack you in order to save themselves.


If you report to your Clifton Park wildlife removal expert that there is a wild animal in or around your home, Thomas Pest Services will not only remove the animal, but they will also be able to look for the signs of a more serious problem. It may be that the single animal that has been captured is just one of many. Thomas Pest Services is aware that our area is home to many types of wildlife animals that like to share our home with us. Depending on the wildlife animal, there can be a certain way to humanely remove wildlife from your property and home. When you contact Thomas Pest Services you will receive the expertise on removing animals from your home, cleaning up after animals and preventing wildlife from returning. Contact your Schenectady wildlife removal company when wildlife become a problem in your Capital Region home.

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